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Version: 2.7.18
Released: 28th September, 2015
Size: 15.1MB
Requires: OS X 10.7+
Trial Period: 14 days
Single-User License

Why Cornerstone?

Version Control. Like Never Before.

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For developers and designers

Confidence. Out of the Box.

Whether you're developing software, designing graphics or writing documents, comparing, reviewing and sharing changes over time is essential to your project's success.

With Cornerstone you'll have every change ever made, in one place, forever.

Performance, Scalability and Robustness

Enterprise-Level Version Control

Cornerstone is built on Subversion, the world's most popular open source version control system. It delivers proven performance, robustness and scalability and adheres to open standards.

Best User Interface. Best Version Control

A Magnitude More Cost-Effective

The days of spending a small fortune on a version control solution are well and truly over.

Since Subversion is open source it represents a far lower cost of ownership without being tied to proprietary technology.

No pain. All gain.

Serious Control. Made Simple.

Cornerstone has been designed from the ground up to be as easy to use as possible. Advanced operations such as Branching and Merging become a breeze. And with no installation needed, you'll be up and running in no time.

First Class Comparison


Class-Leading Text Comparison

red callout

Quick Pick

Select a well-known version from the drop-down menu, or type a keyword (e.g. base) into the revision field.

revision picker
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The Revision Picker

Choose a revision from the log using the revision picker:

revision picker
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Line Differences

Cornerstone's super-fast algorithms intelligently clean up differences.

The result? Much more readable comparisons.

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Enable the display of invisible control characters (spaces, tabs, newlines etc.) to highlight changes in whitespace.

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Displays annotations (also known as blame information) with a single click.

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In-Place Editing

Undo individual changes without leaving Cornerstone.

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Press Command+F and search for text using the inline find bar.

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Additions, deletions and modifications are displayed as markers in the vertical scroller.

Dare to Compare

Built-In Compare Tools

Cornerstone's super-powerful compare tools are right where you need them.


Whether you're reviewing for a commit or inspecting other people's changes, Cornerstone has you covered.

Select and Reject

Editing Included

Individual differences can be undone while comparing.

red callout

Give it a Try!

Revert any change with a single click.

This makes it super-easy to discard any unwanted changes.

And all without leaving Cornerstone.


Packed with Goodness

HTML? JavaScript? Objective-C? Ruby?

With rich syntax highlighting for your favorite languages, comparing files has never been easier.

And Cornerstone's compare tools come loaded with features:

  • Whitespace comparison
  • Intraline difference highlighting
  • User-defined tab widths
  • Line numbers
  • Invisible characters
  • Annotations

Branch and Conquer

Branching and Merging. Made Easy.


Merging for Mortals

Branch-based development doesn't have to be complex and confusing.

Cornerstone's dedicated strategies for synchronization, reintegration and cherry picking take the guesswork out of merging.

And the checklist and preview features help prevent unnecessary conflicts before they even happen.


Surgical Precision

Cherry Picking

cherry picking

Use Cornerstone's cherry picking strategy to merge discrete sets of changes between branches.

Complex sets of revisions can be chosen to only include the ones you need. And Cornerstone clearly marks previously-merged revisions to help you stay focused on the relevant changes.

Pre-Flight Check

Working Copy Checklist

checklist check

Merge conflicts can often be avoided by following a few simple rules: Avoid local modifications and Keep the receiving working copy up to date.

Cornerstone inspects your working copy and makes suggestions to help you avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Past Master

Your Project. Past and Present.


Total Recall

Version control is all about tracking changes over time, so Cornerstone includes sophisticated tools for navigating your project's history.

First up, there's the Log View: your one-stop shop for browsing a project's recent changes.

And then there's the Timeline View, which is perfect for browsing and comparing past versions of individual files.


Time Will Tell

The Log View


Discover what your team did recently in the Log View: all your revisions, grouped by date, in one simple list.

Need more information? Expand the list of changes and double-click a file to inspect the modifications.

Time After Time

The Timeline View


The Timeline View presents revisions on an intuitive timeline.

Browse revisions, find branch points and compare versions. And built-in filters help you get there fast.

Who, Why, What and When

Annotations: Really Know Your Stuff.

The Blame Game

Get Answers

Cornerstone's annotations work like magic.

Click a block of text to get not just the Who?, but also the When? and the Why? of the revision that contributed those lines.

And blocks are color-coded by author so you'll know who's responsible for what.

Right Where you Need Them

Seamlessly Integrated

Annotations are seamlessly integrated into Cornerstone's compare view.

They're right where you need them, answering questions like Where did those lines come from? and Who's stuff am I changing?

/* Line count calculation */

WebInspector.Script.prototype = {

 get linesCount()


  if (!this.source)

   return 0;

  if (this._linesCount)

   return this._linesCount;

  this._linesCount = 0;

  var lastIndex = this.source.indexOf("\n");

  while (lastIndex !== -1) {

   lastIndex = this.source.indexOf("\n", lastIndex + 1)



  return this._linesCount;




Information about the file's earliest and latest revisions, including the revision number and date.


The timeline plots a file's revisions against the file's authors.

The result is a two-dimensional chart which provides a visual overview of who has contributed what to a file's contents over time.


The legend shows the color used for each of the file's authors along with the percentage of the file's contents which the authors have each contributed and icons indicating who contributed to the file recently.

grey callout
grey callout
grey callout

Legendary Features

Annotations come with a feature-packed legend that lets you see not only who has been working on a file, but also unlocks it's vital statistics.

And the interactive timeline makes navigating through a file's parts simple and easy.


Everything Else

There's More. Lots More.

mag glass transcript

Taking Notes


The transcript reveals the progress and outcome of operations such as imports, check outs, updates and commits.

And you can even annotate the transcript with your own notes.

mag glass externals

Externals for Everyone


Externals are great for pulling in code, documents or graphics from other sources.

Cornerstone's dedicated editor makes setting them up a breeze.

mag glass cloud

Cloud Nine

Cloud Services

We've partnered with Beanstalk and CloudForge to make connecting to your hosted repositories super-easy.

Just enter your details and you're good to go.

mag glass pending

Stay in Sync

Pending Updates

You'll always know how many updates are waiting for you in the repository because Cornerstone shows them right next to your working copy.

Cornerstone also displays a working copy change summary in a badge on the application icon in the Dock.

mag glass props

Roll Your Own

User Properties

User properties are great for attaching your own stuff to items under version control.

With Cornerstone you can add just about anything, including text and files.

mag glass config

Batteries Included

No Terminal Required

Cornerstone includes everything you need to use Subversion.

Check out, update, compare, commit, tag, branch, merge, patch and switch.

All without leaving Cornerstone.

Cornerstone 2

What's New in Version 2?


  • Synchronize a branch with its ancestor
  • Reintegrate a branch back into its ancestor
  • Cherry pick revisions
  • Pre-flight checklist to avoid unnecessary conflicts
  • Tree conflicts are displayed and can be resolved


  • Blame information is tightly integrated into the compare view
  • Intuitive overlays displayed over text
  • Authors color-coded for quick identification
  • Click to activate revision and see the log message
  • Legend window provides detailed overview


  • Switch working copies or individual files
  • Relocate working copies

Editing in Compare View

  • Reject changes, reverting to the original text
  • Perfect for undoing unwanted changes before committing

Improved Comparison

  • Intraline differences are highlighted
  • Show/hide invisible control characters
  • Inline find. Search for text in left or right file, or both

Improved Log View

  • Shows working version and newer updates
  • One-click updating to specific revision
  • Undelete deleted files and folders

Improved Status Information

  • Available repository updates shown in badges in the source list
  • Uncommitted changes shown as a badge in the dock

Workflow Integration

  • Run scripts before or after commits
  • Resolve conflicts with external merge tools

Improved Compatibility

  • Full support for Subversion 1.7 and 1.8
  • Full support for Subversion user properties
  • Improved support for certificate-based authentication

Other Improvements

  • Notifications for completed actions
  • Check out depth is displayed in file browser
  • Beanstalk and CloudForge cloud service integration
  • Browse past revisions in the repository browser
  • SASL authentication supported
  • Full-screen mode
  • Support for Macs with Retina displays

Packed with Goodness

All the Features. One Long List.


  • Create new repositories or connect to existing ones
  • Browse repository contents. Browse past revisions
  • Filter contents by age and lock status
  • Recent modifications are marked for easy identification
  • View file contents in integrated file viewer
  • Drag from Finder to import. Drag out to export

Integrated Compare View

  • Compare text and images
  • Syntax coloring for HTML/CSS, Objective-C, PHP and more
  • Image formats supported include PNG, JPEG, GIF and PSD
  • Highlights intraline differences
  • Edit working versions by rejecting/restoring individual changes
  • Inline find functions

Commit View

  • Include and exclude modified items
  • Compare files without leaving the commit view

Log View

  • Displays log as list of revisions
  • Integrated compare view
  • Undelete deleted items


  • Seamless integration of blame information into the compare view
  • Color-coded author display
  • Legend window with detailed statistics and timeline
  • Navigate through a file's constituent revisions

Externals Editor

  • Dedicated externals editor
  • Displays definitions as a simple list or raw property text
  • Filter for definitions referencing HEAD or a specific revision

Simple Subversion Configuration

  • Edit global ignores and auto properties
  • HTTP proxy configuration

Working Copies

  • Local and remote file status
  • Change summary (including available repository updates), top folder status and activity shown in source list
  • Powerful filtering by modification and lock status as well as by file name
  • Inspect and modify Subversion properties
  • Full support for sparse working copies
  • Switch entire working copies or individual files and folders
  • Automate commit actions with scripts
  • Ignore unversioned files

Branching and Merging

  • Dedicated UI for tagging and branching
  • Merge support with four strategies:
    • Synchronization
    • Reintegration
    • Cherry picking
    • Advanced
  • Merge preview
  • Pre-flight checklist to reduce risk of conflicts

Timeline View

  • Compact horizontal timeline
  • Compare history for multiple items
  • Compare file versions for any two revisions
  • Powerful set of filters
  • Branch points are clearly marked and can be expanded and collapsed

Transcript View

  • Describes all activities performed in working copy or repository
  • Detailed progress information for lengthy operations
  • Saved to disk between application sessions

Patch Working Copies

  • Create and apply patches to single items or entire working copies

What's Supported?



  • 10.7 and newer
  • Supports 10.11 El Capitan


  • Subversion 1.6–1.8 included
  • Use multiple versions of Subversion at the same time for best compatibility
  • Upgrade and downgrade working copies

Full SSH Support

  • Password-only authentication. RSA keys are not required
  • RSA public/private key pairs supported, including passphrase-encrypted keys


  • Connect via HTTP, HTTPS, SVN, SVN+SSH and FILE
  • SASL authentication with SVN protocol

Compare and Merge Using Your Favorite App

  • Built-in support for many apps, including Araxis Merge, Changes, FileMerge, Kaleidoscope and more
  • Resolve conflicts with Araxis Merge, FileMerge and others

Issue Tracking

  • Display issues as hyperlinks in log items
  • Choose from pre-defined patterns
  • Multiple rules for maximum flexibility